Water Shortages Cease During Her Majesty’s Stay in the Capital of Uganda


British monarch Queen Elizabeth II will be visit Kampala City, Uganda for the Commonwealth Summit in November 2007. The Commonwealth Organization is formed of 53 states of former British Colonies. During the Commonwealth Summit, these heads of government will convene to discuss politics, economics, and trade.

A recent article on New Vision Online, a Ugandan website, states there will be “No more water shortages in the city” upon the Queen’s arrival at the beginning of the Summit.  But do they assure a potable water supply for citizens after the departure of the Queen? It appears many citizens have been utilizing Lake Victoria as an alternative to the murky and unpredictable water available from the tap.

What would be done if the Queen was not blessing Kampala City with her presence? Thank goodness citizens will now be assured water supplies from November 23rd until November 25th of this year. God Save the Queen(s), Water That Is.

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