National Geographic and DOW Chemical Company Water Map: a diametric statement?


An interactive map on the National Geographic Website highlights countries around the world and describes water issues each face. But this map is actually an “advertising supplement” funded by DOW Chemical Company, and it also highlights an environmental race they are doing. Because DOW Chemical is a major contributor of pollution throughout the world, you may want to view this map with a discerning eye. No matter, the real usefulness of this link is primarily National Geographic’s list below the map detailing other articles on global water issues:

UN Highlights World Water Crisis

World Freshwater Crisis Looms

Arsenic in Asian Drinking Water Linked to Microbes

Bottled Water Isn’t Healthier Than Tap

How Can Such a Wet Planet Be So Short On Clean, Fresh Water?

Still we cannot fail to appreciate the absurdity of the world’s second-largest manufacturer of chemical and plastics producing such media campaigns. Before closing, let us take a few moments to review a few DOW Chemical Company’s environmental problems: 1) gas leak at Union Carbide in Bhopal, India, 2) far-reaching dioxin contamination, and 3) production and distribution of harmful pesticides. If you would like to learn more about DOW’s activities resulting in environmental degradation, see this publication Dow Chemical: Risks for Investors – report from Innovest Strategic Value Advisors published by The Innovesters Group and The Dow Accountability Network.

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