Asia-Pacific Water Forum and 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit


The Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) was conceived during planning processes by countries in Asia for the 4th World Water Forum at Mexico City in March 2006. Because of the severe shortages of water in Asia and political-economic diversity in the region, there was a need for a regional planning group. The APWF was officially launched on September 27, 2006.

The goal of the APWF is to contribute to sustainable water management in order to achieve the targets of the MDGs in Asia and the Pacific by capitalizing on the region’s diversity and rich history of experience in dealing with water as a fundamental part of the human existence. Specifically, the APWF shall champion efforts aimed at boosting investments, building capacity, and enhancing cooperation in the water sector at the regional level and beyond.

A portion of this goal intends for the APWF to capitalize on the region’s history of dealing with water. What about the massive water shortages faced in Asia due to misguided irrigation and damming projects? Additionally, the goal states the APWF “shall champion efforts aimed at boosting investments.” Would these projects be sustainable and in alignment with providing drinking water and sanitation to all people?

Meanwhile, the APWF will hold the 1stAsia-Pacific Water Summit in Osaka, Japan in December 2007. This annual event will give any of the 47 member countries the chance to showcase water policy that has achieved the above-stated goal. It could be interesting to follow the Summit this year to see what types of progress (and what views of progress) members of the APWF are presenting.

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