Bottled Water: Guilty as Charged


Yes, I am guilty as charged. I had a thing for bottled water. Disgusted by the thought of chlorine and offended by the intrusion of fluoride, bottled water always seemed the better alternative. Fresher, convenient, crisp, and cool… or was it all in my head? Increasingly individuals, especially people in the United States, are drinking bottled water. The problem is that bottled water has less stringent water-quality standards than tap water, and the bottles are amassing plastics found in our landfills, oceans, waterways, and on our planet.

Today, I ran across a campaign entitled Think Outside The Bottle sponsored by numerous organizations across the United States (see the web-page). This is the final straw, so to say. I am finished, through with this farce, this fairytale, conceived by the media that bottled water is better. No more bottled water for me. It is time to take the pledge, and you should, as well. Take the Think Outside The Bottle pledge here.

Photo courtesy of D’Arcy Norman on flickr.

3 thoughts on “Bottled Water: Guilty as Charged

  1. Great Idea….I took the pledge! Now I fill all my empty Perrier bottles with tap water and my yuppie friends still think I’m cool!

  2. I read recently about the astounding amount of plastic bottles in our waste system and the fact that they are not very biodegradable. I decided then to not buy any more bottled water (I used to buy it by the case from Costco for my guests and sometimes to grab and go for myself). I haven’t been 100% successful at avoiding the bottle (made a convenience store purchase a couple of times), but most of the time now I am filling my polycarb bottle to carry in my car. It’s a simple step to take. If enough of us make a small change, we can make a big impact for the betterment of the planet. This post renews my commitment to get more organized about remembering my polycarb bottle when I go out the door.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Abby.

  3. These are both really nice comments.

    I want to make sure and include ways that we all can make a difference in our daily lives in these postings. For myself, it can often get overwhelming to disproportionately review the environmental degradation of our planet, without remembering, that I too can help alleviate the problems that we face with every action that I make. It’s more than looking at the problems, but finding the answers…

    Thanks for your posts!

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