Rainwater Harvesting at Wadia College

A group of engineering students have recently designed a rainwater harvesting system for their school in the water-thirsty city of Pune in Maharashtra, India. At full capacity, it will collect 87 lakh liters (around 2,298,297 US gallons) of rainwater each year. The students are collecting rainwater in tanks on several buildings, and the water is filtered before it recharges the main well on campus. Pretty neat, eh?



  1. Stephen Klaber says:

    Great! Both urban and rural contexts can benefit enormously from this, coupled with local gardening. Everywhere in the world!

  2. Very cool, I believe the countries that can benefit the most from rainwater harvesting
    are developing nations who’s water supply is frequently at a low level. It’s also really good to see students involved… Could you re-post your blog post on our rainwater harvesting community forum at http://www.waterharvestonline.com ? I think our community would really be interested. Thanks!

  3. Rainwater harvesting really is great..it has a lot of benefits that we can reap.

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