A Perpetuum Jazzile Rainstorm

Hear the sounds of a summer rainstorm – drizzle, then showers come down harder, a torrent complete with thunder and lightning – and as quick as it arrived, the storm dies down. All of these sounds and others a cappella by the vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile from Slovenia as they perform Toto’s Africa. This water-based viral video is lovely. Thanks to EnviroTalk for passing this one along.



  1. […] We listened to a jazz choir called Perpetuum Jazzile from Slovenia. They created a rainstorm. The students thought they heard drums or cymbals or other instruments, but when we watched the video, we discovered they used their bodies to make all the sounds! You can listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLNi-BvmhY […]

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