Detail Talk Blog: H20 in India and Beyond


My dear friend Praveena continues to inspire me with her devotion to improve the quality of life for people in our world. Herself and her friends, Sachin and Prateek, recently started a thought-provoking blog called Detail Talk based out of South India. This blog, like their film company Bhoomi Productions, is linked to their interests and endeavors in entrepreneurial and social development projects.

Detail Talk focuses on many topics including “matters of utmost concern to India and to the world and where we are confident of contributing in a greater capacity. These for us are Education, Environment and Healthcare. On Detail Talk we cover conferences, workshops, other events like film festivals and expositions related to these broad categories that we set ourselves on.” For those of us interested in water conversations, this blog talks a LOT about water.

Above Photo: India during monsoon. Courtesy NASA Earth Observatory.

Here are a few of the water posts on their blog.

Water Stories from Around the World: Book Review
Bringing order in a chaotic water management scenario: Case study from Udupi district
I am large, I contain multitudes: On Water
Inter State Water Disputes and the Judiciary

To see the rest, check out Detail Talk. My simple overview does not do this blog justice. Thanks Praveena, Sachin, and Prateek. Keep-on with conversations for positive change.

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