Water-Art Activism Hits New York City

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It always strikes me how a small but creative idea can spread spurring people around it to see the world in a new way. Or its ability to influence individuals to engage in positive change. Word Above the Street is one such idea.

Mary Jordan wants to “draw attention to Water as a precious resource by transforming 300 rooftop water tanks in New York City into works of art”. These works of art will focus on bringing awareness to water scarcity and water sanctity around the world. Professional artists, emergent artists, and youth have been asked to submit art ideas for the tanks.

Above Photo: Word Above The Street

Positive effects of this art project will be far-reaching. Over 8.4 million NYC residents, 5 million tourists, and millions of virtual visitors will be able to see the exhibition during the summer of 2012. This may be the first time many of these people have thought about water as an important issue, and this project may inspire others to further create positive change. Right on Word Above the Street!

One thought on “Water-Art Activism Hits New York City

  1. As a former creative artist, I must say it’s wonderful to see artists engaging with the social, environmental, and political topic of water. (I say political because I’m presently in Singapore, and this country has a contract to get 40% of its water needs from Malaysia, which has provided the latter with undue leverage in negotiation.)

    Speaking of trying to get people to think like entrepreneurs about water, here are some figures related to desalinization. I’m crowdsourcing info, statistics and numerical data, etc. Please let me know what you think: http://wp.me/s1WhfU-320

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