Bottled Water: Guilty as Charged


Yes, I am guilty as charged. I had a thing for bottled water. Disgusted by the thought of chlorine and offended by the intrusion of fluoride, bottled water always seemed the better alternative. Fresher, convenient, crisp, and cool… or was it all in my head? Increasingly individuals, especially people in the United States, are drinking bottled water. The problem is that bottled water has less stringent water-quality standards than tap water, and the bottles are amassing plastics found in our landfills, oceans, waterways, and on our planet.

Today, I ran across a campaign entitled Think Outside The Bottle sponsored by numerous organizations across the United States (see the web-page). This is the final straw, so to say. I am finished, through with this farce, this fairytale, conceived by the media that bottled water is better. No more bottled water for me. It is time to take the pledge, and you should, as well. Take the Think Outside The Bottle pledge here.

Photo courtesy of D’Arcy Norman on flickr.