Happy New Year from Terre des hommes Foundation

A beautiful happy new year image from Terres des hommes Foundation (Tdh).  Tdh works to “defend the rights of children, in times of war or natural catastrophe, or in less publicized situations of distress.”  This includes working on issues of water and sanitation for children, especially in emergency situations. They are currently collecting donations for […]

So you want to be a water blogger?

Here’s you chance. Are you interested in writing? Do you want affect positive change in the world? Are you under 27 years of age? Picture this – you have a blog and it’s called: (Insert Your Name Here)’s Watery Blog about Water. Alright, so that name sounds a bit geeky. But don’t worry, it’s just […]

Water and the G8: Hokkaido Toyako Summit

As most have heard by now, the 34th annual G8 Summit is underway in Japan from July 7th to July 9th in Toyako, Hokkaido. Leaders from eight of the world’s industrialized nations, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United States (in addition to the president of the European Union and representatives from […]

International Year Of Sanitation 2008

The United Nations General Assembly declares 2008 the International Year of Sanitation. This declaration will assist progress on one of the eight Millennium Development Goals that aims to provide sanitation infrastructure to half of all people in the world without such by 2015. Several UN partners are supporting this measure including UNICEF, UNEP, UNDESA, UNDP, UN-Habitat, UN-Water, to name a few. Over 40% of […]

Flood Drinking Water Contamination: Risk Factors

Many in the United States are acquainted with the effects of flooding. Especially after Hurricane Katrina, numerous other flooding events, and the recent past deluge on the Chehalis River of Southwest Washington. Rampant in the media during these times of floods are deaths, displacements, economic losses, and causes associated with the flooding. Less common immediately […]

One Country’s Answer to Growing Water Shortages

India, out of necessity, has encouraged the construction of rainwater catchment systems throughout the country. This short public service announcement, produced by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in India, highlights the importance of rainwater harvesting in the region. With rise of global population, changing seasonal weather patterns, and fluctuating economic conditions, rainwater catchment […]

Year of River Rejuvenation in India

Community-born environmental movements often bring about most significant change, particularly in countries with a lack of stringent environmental regulations. As in the Times of India, one of many examples is a grassroots driven river restoration project occurring in Bangalore, capitol of the state of Karnataka in India. Environmentalists in the region are staging a campaign […]

Water Resource Video Seminars from Distinguished Scholars

The California Colloquium on Water is a lecture-series presented by the Water Resources Center Archives (WRCA) at the University of California – Berkley. They have made available presentations from 2001 to 2007 in video format on-line. While many of the presentations focus on regional specific water resource issues, several topics are relevant in the international arena of watershed […]

China Faces a Range of Water Problems

The Peoples Republic of China is a country of over 1.3 billion people with 20% of the world’s total population. Extensive environmental pollution in the region is often blamed on increased industrialization, with little or no environmental regulatory oversight. Water problems are many and include: The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River South-to-North Water […]

Hunger Strike to Save River: Brazil Bishop Luis Flavio Cappio

Bishop Cappio’s health is beginning to deteriorate, as he continues a 23-day hunger strike in a non-violent action against artificial diversion of the Sao Francisco River, fourth largest river in Brazil. Bishop Cappio began his fast on November 27, 2007. Initially, the diversion project on the river was denied by lower courts in Brazil, but […]

Water Words – Quote of the Day

Water, is taught by thirst. “Water, is taught by thirst. Land — by the Oceans passed. Transport — by throe Peace — by its battles told Love, by Memorial Mold Birds, by the Snow.” -Emily Dickinson

Nepal Discontent Over Climate Change Talks in Bali

Nepal is a land on the edge of the mighty Himalayas. Although rather small, only the size of Arkansas, Nepal is known the world over for Mount Everest which is the highest mountain globally at an elevation of 29,029 feet. As the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change wraps-up in Bali, Nepali officials are worried […]

Rainwater Harvesting for all Household Needs

An industrious friend of mine is planning life off of the grid. She will grow her own food, utilize alternative forms of energy, and supply her own water (without having to dig a well). Recently she questioned, is it possible to provide water for a home using only rainwater? In my neighborhood in Washington, many people […]

Singapore: Water Technology Clearinghouse

Previously, on this water web-log, we have heard of Israel’s attempts to become the next “Silicon Valley” of water technology. Right on schedule, other investment minded countries are jumping on-board. Singapore has stepped-up with hopes of being a major water-technology provider for Asian countries, as reviewed on Earthtimes. The island of Singapore, south of Malaysia, […]

Water Guzzlin’ Biofuels

Initially, biofuels (such as biodiesel and ethanol) were thought the holy-grail of the environmental and energy movement. After further review, several problems arise that may negate any positive environmental outcome of the use of biofuels. Negative aspects of biofuel production include increased water shortages, food shortages, and energy shortages. Such issues are evaluated in this article […]