Denver Water – PSA-a-thon Series

We’re back again with more great Public Service Announcements (PSAs) relating to water for the PSA-a-thon Series. The first two PSAs featured (on rainwater harvesting and the Tap Project) were great. But the third batch in the series is pretty fun, as well. Today’s PSAs were created by Sukle Advertising + Design for a Denver, […]

LA Tap Project – PSA-a-thon Series

Yes, it’s true.  I am a sucker for any great Public Service Announcement (PSA) relating to water. If produced right, sometimes these PSAs have the ability to intrigue me, bring a smile to my face, educate me, and move me to action or even to tears. Because I love PSAs about water so much, I am […]

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine if rainwater harvesting was as prevalent in the United States as in India? Bus stations and rail stations would be equipped with rainwater harvesting systems for sanitation and drinking water purposes. Commercials on televisions would promote rainwater harvesting. Cities would emphasize rainwater catchment as a part of development and growth. Government officials […]