Southeast US: Exceptional Drought


This topic hits close-to-home. My home-state of Tennessee is experiencing the driest year on-record (18 inches less precipitation than normal), and the southeast US is experiencing a Class D4 or exceptional drought.

Officials estimate a large reservoir serving Atalanta, as well as northern Georgia, at approximately 90-days left of water. Georgia is requesting abeyance of supplying water to neighboring states, Alabama and Florida. In Tennessee, TVA recounts monetary losses from hydro-power at over $300 million. Voluntary and regulated efforts for water conservation are occurring throughout the region ranging from regulating water to in-house use to shutting down local car-washes. But it seems the southeast is just not prepared to handle the severe lack of water. We can only hope for an increase in precipitation for the region in the near future. More on the drought in the southeast, water-shortages in the southwest, and solutions to it all on the Gristmill.

Photo courtesy: Pouya Dianat/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution