20 Water Facts (by Charity Water)

Another humbling visual reminder brought to you by Charity Water. Advertisements

YouthNoise DROP Campaign

Lately, I’ve been so busy with grad school that I’ve neglected my blog. Luckily, there are people like those over at the Youth Noise Drop Campaign still working tirelessly to improve global water and sanitation conditions.  Previously, I let you know that they were hosting a summit in NYC for young activists to learn more […]

13-Gallon Challenge – WRAP UP

Well, I made it. Yesterday was the last day of my 13-Gallon Challenge. All told, this was a completely worthwhile project. I had two goals at the beginning of the challenge: 1) to better understand my daily water use habits, and 2) to understand how it feels to live on a human right allocation of […]

Quick Story on Water in Africa

In Africa, there is a young girl named Christina. She lives with her family in a small village in rural Ghana in West Africa. Ghana is close the equator with a tropical climate, but each year over eight months may pass without a drop of rain. During these dry spells, the one small pond in […]

Kid Power = Well Water

Kids twirl around on a Merry Go-Round while water is pumped into a large reservoir holding tank. The PlayPump, under PlayPump International, is not cheap by any means at 14,000 dollars for one system, but is supposed to be more efficient and fun than a traditional hand-pump. Currently, there are over 700 installed and plans […]

UN GEO-4 Report Released, Outlook for Water Dire

No, not a radical environmental group sounding the call this time around. It is the United Nations – Environment Programme with the recent release of the report: UNEP Global Environmental Outlook: Environment for Development (GEO-4). This report assesses the state of the planet since 1987, and was drafted by over 390 experts in the field […]

Climate Change and Global River Flow: How Will Countries Prepare or Adapt?

A recent posting on Science Daily highlights research in collaboration with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences on climate change and river flows. The article, Climate change and the world’s river basins: anticipating management options, is coauthored by authors from the United States, Sweden, Germany and Australia. This work was supported by the […]

New Book on India’s Water Crisis and Global Water Crisis

Parvathi Menon of The Hindu (India’s National Newspaper) writes a review on the recently released book (August 2007): Towards Water Wisdom: Limits, Justice, and Harmony by Ramaswamy R. Iyer. Iyer is a leading water expert in India most known for his work on the Cauvery River dispute. This book focuses on water shortages in India, […]

Will micro-financing or micro-franchising increase the use of water purification in homes in developing countries?

This is a question faculty and students from University of North Carolina School of Public Health, the Kenan-Flagler Business School, and the Kenan Institute-Asia will attempt to answer. They will be working primarily in the Mekong Subregion of Asia. It is a main goal of the project to make available household water filters to those […]

Water Shortages Cease During Her Majesty’s Stay in the Capital of Uganda

British monarch Queen Elizabeth II will be visit Kampala City, Uganda for the Commonwealth Summit in November 2007. The Commonwealth Organization is formed of 53 states of former British Colonies. During the Commonwealth Summit, these heads of government will convene to discuss politics, economics, and trade. A recent article on New Vision Online, a Ugandan […]