Fungal Micro-pollution in Water

Molds, mushrooms, and yeasts – prevalent in all locales from the cracks of a sidewalk, in the forest, and sometimes even your refrigerator. At times, fungi have wonderful uses including yeasts for brewing beer or wine to the gastronomic delight of the rare white truffle. At other times, certain fungi will produce a substance toxic to living beings […]

Holy River: Disease Fighting Water

Many in India look to the Ganges (Ganga) as a sacred river. The river is mentioned in early Hindu texts, and bathing in the river holds much religious significance. Millions partake in this ritual each year. With such numbers bathing in the river, it is unbelievable that diseases such as dysentery and cholera are not […]

Three Gorges Dam: Displacement and Environmental Problems Acknowledged

Most have heard of the Three Gorges Dam (長江三峽大壩), a hydroelectric dam constructed in China to create a massive reservoir on the Yangtze River. The project when finished will flood an area of approximately 400 square miles. The dam, currently partially operational, is expected to be fully operational in 2009 after final generators are installed. […]