Here are 13 journals that publish research on international water issues. The Water Alternatives journal is especially cool because it is 100-percent free. For more information on water and sanitation, use Google Scholar for your searching needs.

International Journal of Water
The objective of IJW is to establish an effective forum for insights and communication between policy-makers, government agencies, citizens, consumer bodies, industry, public authorities and members of academic and research institutions.

International Journal of Water Resources Development
International Journal of Water Resources Development covers all aspects of water development and management in both industrialized and Third World countries. Contents focus on the practical implementation of policies for water resources development, monitoring and evaluation of technical projects, and, to a lesser extent, water resources research. Articles are rigorous and in-depth, and range in approach from applied geographical analysis to the examination of strategic, economic and social issues.

Journal of the American Water Resources Association
The Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) is dedicated to publishing original papers characterized by their broad approach to water resources issues. All papers are refereed prior to publication. JAWRA is published bi-monthly, beginning with the February issue. Prior to 1997, JAWRA was known as Water Resources Bulletin.

Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management
The Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management reports on all phases of planning and management of water resources. The papers examine social, economic, environmental, and administrative concerns relating to the use and conservation of water. Social and environmental objectives in areas such as fish and wildlife management, water-based recreation, and wild and scenic river use are assessed. Developments in computer applications are discussed, as are ecological, cultural, and historical values.

Urban Water Journal
The Urban Water Journal provides a forum for the research and professional communities dealing with water systems in the urban environment, directly contributing to the discussion on sustainable development. Particular emphasis is placed on the analysis of interrelationships and interactions between the individual water systems, urban water bodies (including groundwater) and the environment. The journal encourages the adoption of an integrated approach to solve the numerous problems associated with sustainable urban water management.

Water, an Open Access journal on water science and technology, including the ecology and management of water resources, is published by MDPI online quarterly. Manuscripts can be submitted to water@mdpi.com now.

Water Alternatives Journal
WaA is an interdisciplinary journal addressing the full range of issues that water raises in contemporary societies. Its ambition is to provide space for alternative and critical thinking on such issues (see our manifesto for more details). WaA welcomes contributions that address any dimension of water resources development, management and use, and their relations with society and the environment.

Water History
An interdisciplinary forum for discussing the relationship of humankind with water. Water History aims to foster historical understanding of the relationship between water and humankind. The journal spans disciplines to illuminate the complex processes that have shaped water resource use and reveal interrelated historical contingencies and precedents.

Water International Journal – IWRA
Water International is the official journal of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA), founded in 1972 to serve as an international gateway to the people, ideas and networks that are critical to the sustainable management of water resources around the world. Its articles, state-of-the-art reviews and technical notes are policy-relevant and aimed at communicating in-depth knowledge to a multidisciplinary and international community. It publishes both individual contributions and sets of papers on cutting edge issues.

Water Policy Journal (World Water Conservation Council)
WATER POLICY is the official journal of the Council, published in partnership with IWA Publishing. Publication is based on 1 volume per year, 6 issues per volume. Hard copy and electronic version are both available.

Water Resources Management (European Water Resources Association)
Water Resources Management is an international, multidisciplinary forum for the publication of original contributions and the exchange of knowledge and experience on the management of water resources. In particular, the journal publishes contributions on water resources assessment, development, conservation and control, emphasizing policies and strategies. Contributions examine planning and design of water resource systems, and operation, maintenance and administration of water resource systems.

Published since 1982 Waterlines is a refereed journal providing a forum for those involved in extending water supply, sanitation, hygiene and waste management to all in developing countries. Waterlines aims to bridge the gap between research and practice: it encourages papers written by researchers for the benefit of practice and those written by practitioners to inform research and policy. It highlights information sources and promotes debate between different perspectives. Waterlines considers the key challenges facing those in the water and sanitation sector – engineers, health professionals, community development workers, researchers, policy makers – and suggests how these issues may be tackled using affordable, sustainable systems with reference to wider policy and institutional frameworks.

wH20 Journal
wH2O is an online, open-access academic journal for women and water issues around the world. Our vision is to publish a yearly journal; provide a centralized hub for women, water and sanitation information; and eventually, be able to provide research grants to facilitate more research in this space.

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